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Surface preparation for cleaning, contaminant removal, prepping for paint and coatings, restoration, or surface profiling.

With our Blasting we offer different types of media depending on the customers needs. (Sand, Crushed Glass, Steel Shot). With Blasting we can rid of rust, old paint, & any coating that must be removed before Powder Coating. 

Welding and Fabrication

Abrasive Blasting

We are always finding new ways to impress our customers!

Abrasive blasting is an advanced surface refinement method that utilizes the power of compressed air to propel specialized blasting materials onto a surface, stripping away any undesired substances like paint, rust, or coatings. The variety of blasting media at our disposal is vast, tailored to the project's demands based on size, hardness, and the expected outcome.

A crucial factor when prepping a surface for repainting or recoating is ensuring optimal adhesion and longevity of the subsequent layer. This largely hinges on the cleanliness of the surface and the anchor pattern achieved. This pattern, also known as the surface profile, reflects the depth created on the surface and is influenced by blasting pressure, as well as the media's hardness, composition, resilience, shape, and granularity.

Every task we undertake begins with a comprehensive assessment of its requirements, goals, intricacies, and expected timelines. Recognizing that each blasting initiative is distinct, we meticulously select the most suitable abrasive media and approach. This meticulousness ensures peak efficacy, while safeguarding the substrate, surrounding surfaces, and the environment from potential harm. With our bespoke solutions, you can confidently move forward with your project, knowing complications are minimized.

Welding and Fabrication

Chemical Stripping

Innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction are at the heart of our mission. We constantly seek novel methods and techniques to exceed our clients' expectations, ensuring they receive the best service and outcomes possible.

Abrasive blasting excels for outdoor tasks or expansive, vacant indoor areas. However, for more intricate projects, smaller items, or delicate components, chemical strippers emerge as the ideal choice. These strippers proficiently and cost-effectively remove paint, epoxy, sealers, and other coverings from any metal, preserving the underlying material. This swift stripping method ensures parts are cleaned and ready in no time.

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