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Quality Ironworks & Powder Coating, LLC. Is a one stop shop for all of your Welding, Fabrication, Sand/Media Blasting, & Powder Coating needs.

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Quality Powder Coating LLC

Brian "Poncho" R. Self is the proud owner and operator of our establishment. Since 1997, our expertise in Ironworking and Fabrication has grown, specializing in the custom crafting of gates, fencing, and handrails, bolstered by our Powder Coating finesse. Beyond fabrication, our proficiency extends to welding for diverse heavy and farm equipment. Our 24-hour Mobile Welding Rig ensures we address your on-site requirements efficiently.

Our Powder Coating offerings span a myriad of colors, ensuring a palette for every taste. We stand by the superior quality of our products, sourcing only renowned brands like Prismatic Powders, Columbia Coatings, and Tiger Drylac. Powder Coating isn't just about color; it breathes new life into a range of items from outdoor furniture to car components like rims, chassis, and bumpers. It adds a touch of elegance to custom gates and handrails. Virtually any metal object, even aluminum, can benefit from our Powder Coating services. Our spacious 10'x20' oven caters to both residential and industrial projects.

Before any Powder Coating, items undergo a meticulous Pre-Treatment Process, a crucial step ensuring the impeccable quality of our final output.

For Sand Blasting/Media Blasting needs, we offer various media options, such as Sand, Crushed Glass, and Steel Shot, tailored to the project. This service is perfect for removing rust, old paint, or any pre-existing coating before Powder Coating.

Questions or a need for pricing details? Reach out to us at 205-363-1075. We eagerly await your call!

Quality Powder Coating

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