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For all your surface cleansing, contaminant removal, or coating needs, reach out to us. Discover the incredible range of projects we can tackle for you!


Our services span a wide range of commercial and industrial areas. We specialize in the treatment of machinery, heavy equipment, signage, re-manufacturing processes, and sheet metal. Beyond that, office furniture, refinishing tasks, vehicle parts, and household appliances fall within our expertise. Furthermore, we cater to the needs of heating and cooling units and the revitalization of rebuilt equipment.

One of our standout services is addressing products that suffer from paint or coat defects and damage. These imperfections can arise from various factors, primarily production errors related to the application of paint or coatings. However, the good news is, rather than disposing of the defective piece, it can undergo a comprehensive abrasive blasting session. Once cleansed, the item can then be seamlessly powder coated, restoring its value and function.

– We can correct most production errors relating to the application of paint or coatings. Instead of scrapping the defective piece, it can be quickly blasted clean and powder coated.

Welding and Fabrication and Powder Coating
Welding and Fabrication


We are always finding new ways to impress our customers!

At the heart of our farm and residential offerings lies our exceptional powder coating services. This specialized technique is applied across various equipment and machinery, ensuring longevity and enhanced aesthetics. Heavy machinery, essential motors, pumps, and vehicle parts are treated with utmost care, guaranteeing superior results every time. Additionally, we extend our services to remanufactured units, revitalizing them to meet, if not exceed, their original condition.

Another area we pride ourselves in is the realm of restoration projects. With our expertise, age-old and worn-out items are brought back to life, preserving their historic value while adding a touch of the modern. On the home front, patio furniture, often exposed to the elements, benefits greatly from our powder coating treatment, as do metal railings, ensuring they stand the test of time and continue to uplift the beauty of one's residence.

Regardless of your industry or project scope, if it centers on cleaning or restoration, we're likely your solution. Whether it's intricate restorative work or tackling severe corrosion challenges, QPC delivers the ideal remedy for your needs.


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