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Welding and Fabrication Welding and Fabrication


Why Powder Coating?

Welding and fabrication are at the heart of Quality Ironworks & Powder Coating, LLC. In addition to our expert welding services, we offer powder coating – a technique that gives both decorative and protective finishes to various parts and materials. Choose from a vast palette of pigment colors to match your specifications.

The application process for powder coating shares similarities with solvent-based paint spraying but stands out due to its unique electrostatic method. As the resin powder moves through the spray gun, it becomes electrostatically charged, making it adhere to the grounded part, akin to a magnet attracting metal. This adhesion ensures the powder stays on the component during the crucial curing phase.

Powder Coating Welding and Fabrication
Welding and Fabrication

Longevity & Resistance

Quality Powder Coating LLC

Curing involves elevating the temperature of the coated pieces to 400 degrees F for a specific duration, causing the powder particles to melt and merge, establishing a robust and lasting finish.

Once cooled, these components are immediately fit for use, ensuring longevity and resistance against varying weather conditions.

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Quality Ironworks & Powder Coating, LLC, understands the importance of a clean surface for any subsequent processes. Before initiating any project, we undertake a comprehensive cleaning procedure, ensuring the removal of contaminants that could compromise the quality of coatings or welds. With our advanced cleaning techniques, you can be assured of a pristine base, which is imperative for the longevity and efficacy of the subsequent steps.


Blasting and Stripping

Proper surface preparation is paramount. At Quality Ironworks & Powder Coating, LLC, we employ abrasive blasting to prepare the surface. Using the appropriate media – be it Sand, Crushed Glass, or Steel Shot – we eliminate rust, old paint, and any other coatings that must be removed prior to further processing. For more delicate parts or when dealing with intricate designs, we opt for chemical stripping. This ensures the substrate remains intact while removing all unwanted layers, preparing the piece for a fresh application, be it welding or powder coating.


Welding and Fabrication

Our team is seasoned in the craft of transforming raw materials into functional, bespoke pieces. Whether it's for heavy machinery, commercial installations, or personalized projects, our welding and fabrication services are tailored to fit your vision. With our 24-hour Mobile Welding Rig, we can address any on-site requirements, ensuring that your project is managed efficiently and effectively. Each client's vision is unique, and at Quality Ironworks & Powder Coating, LLC, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and precision, ensuring each project reflects the client's distinct vision.


Powder Coating

A durable finish is the hallmark of any good project. Quality Ironworks & Powder Coating, LLC, employs advanced powder coating techniques to ensure your product doesn't just function well but looks the part too. The benefits of powder coating over traditional paint include superior resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals. The end result? A product that boasts not just aesthetics, but longevity and resilience.

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Quality Powder Coating and Welding

Quality Powder Coating LLC

QPC specializes in welding and fabrication, combining expertise and precision to meet diverse project needs. With a dedication to quality, they tackle everything from intricate designs to large-scale constructions, ensuring every client's vision is realized to the highest standard.


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At QPC, our commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do. We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of craftsmanship and service, utilizing state-of-the-art materials and advanced techniques to ensure that each project meets our exacting quality standards. We understand that quality inputs are essential for outstanding results, which is why we exclusively use the finest products available in the industry. From the vibrant and durable finishes offered by Prismatic Powders to the robust protection provided by Columbia Coatings and the durability of TIBER-Drylca Powder Coatings, we settle for nothing less than the best. As your top choice for Welding, Fabrication, and Powder Coating services in Blountsville, Alabama, as well as the surrounding areas of Marshall and Madison County, we invite you to partner with us and discover the QPC difference.

We are proud to be your premier destination for Welding, Fabrication, and Powder Coating services in Blountsville, Alabama, and the nearby regions of Marshall and Madison County. With an unwavering commitment to expert craftsmanship and unparalleled quality, we serve as your comprehensive solution for all your welding and ironworks needs. Whether you require precise fabrication, dependable welding services, or top-tier powder coating, our dedicated team is ready to surpass your expectations. Choose excellence with Quality Powder Coating and entrust us with all your project needs.

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Whether you're in need of expert welding or intricate fabrication, we've got you covered. From precision welding tasks to large-scale fabrication projects, QPC delivers top-notch solutions tailored to your needs. Trust us to turn your vision into a robust reality. 

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